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High Altitude Training

One of the many benefits of flying with Utah Helicopter is the high altitude terrain that all locations offer to students. As a Utah Helicopter student, you will be taught the skills to navigate and manage power in this unique area.

Finding a school close to home is certainly a convenient advantage, but the benefits we’re talking about in regard to an ideal location are those that enhance your flight education.

Utah Helicopter training locations are at the Spanish Fork-Springville (KSPK), and Salt Lake City Municipal 2 (U42) Airports—all near the base of magnificent mountain ranges. Utah is renowned for the best snow on earth, and these are the formidable mountains that are blanketed by it for a majority of the year. Learning to fly in a high-altitude flight environment demands greater finesse and better energy management than at sea level. Right from the start, you’ll be learning to operate aircraft at or near their performance limitations—the type of mountainous flight experience many employers are seeking.

The second location advantage is that you’ll be introduced to two classifications of airspace in the metropolitan Salt Lake City area—Class B and Class D. This means that you will be exposed to a variety of essential air traffic controller language that will broaden your knowledge base and experience.

The ability to fly in high altitude terrain is a desirable commodity in any helicopter pilot within the industry. Our professional helicopter pilot program starts students out right with hands-on experience in high altitude. Call for more details on our Career Pilot Program 801-794-2480.