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Job Placement Assistance

At Utah Helicopter we are committed to making it happen-not just through graduation. When a student reaches the graduation milestone in their education it is a huge step on the road to becoming a career pilot.

One of the most gratifying aspects of teaching is seeing student’s progress. Their success is our success. Because of the commitment to the success of our students, Utah Helicopter has implemented the Job Placement Assistance (JPA) program. This program assists students past their CFII and helps secure their future within the industry. After graduation, JPA is available for continued support onto the next steps in the process of getting that first industry job.

This program is offered to students and instructors. It was created not only to strengthen connections within the industry, but also to assure that our family of helicopter pilots have the best opportunities to apply, interview and move forward in this high demand industry. Whether the goal is travel/tourism, emergency medical services, forest service, or just for fun—Utah Helicopter is here to help their pilots succeed! At the end of the day the pilot’s are in charge of their learning, the pilots are in charge of their future and success. Utah Helicopter has implemented this program as a tool to help pilot’s succeed.

“We are doing it right,” says Chief Flight Instructor, Brian “Petee” Peterson. “We have seen other schools come and go, but Utah Helicopter is proudly going strong. After six years, it is still all about success:  The success of our instructors and the success of our students. These are key elements in how we run our operations. Being linked to a strong, reputable flight school has become an even more important asset for a student’s future in aviation. We recognize this and incorporate many programs to get to know industry leaders so we can send them the best pilots possible. This helps to ensure success for not only our pilots in the industry, but for future Utah Helicopter pilots who will follow in their footsteps. We also make great efforts to get student feedback and ensure pilot safety at all times. Success goes far beyond the CFII and graduation. Success is what Utah Helicopter is dedicated to providing.”

For years Utah Helicopter hasn’t just been creating great helicopter pilots; we have also been creating future leaders in the industry. More and more Utah Helicopter alumni are quickly being elevated to leadership positions. These Utah Helicopter graduates and former employees are experiencing massive amounts of satisfaction and achieving great things within the industry. The future looks bright for these pilots and for our current students who are dedicated to take their place in the aviation industry as leaders and excellent helicopter pilots.


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