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Photo/Video Flights


Photo/Video Flights

The helicopter’s ability to hover makes it an ideal tool for photography. With five convenient facilities located near some of the most picturesque landscape in the Western United States, Utah Helicopter offers a wide range of professional photo/video flight services.

These photo flights are personalized and catered to your company or personal needs. Our professional, friendly helicopter pilots have experience in a wide variety of photo/video flights ranging from professional filming to the I-15 Core project. Helicopter photo flights are a convenient way to get a birds-eye view and footage of construction projects, real estate, ranch maintenance, special events, wildlife, etc.

Whether you want to take the photos/videos or have our experienced professional staff manage the photography, we have your needs covered.

If you have a specific need for a photo flight, Utah Helicopter can assist you so you can get the perfect, professional photos/footage you need to be successful. Call 801-794-2480 to schedule a flight.