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Private Pilot Certification

No matter what your flight intentions are, this is where to start. A Private Pilot Certificate will qualify you to fly a helicopter on your own and carry passengers, but not for hire or compensation. You will learn flight maneuvers, safety, air traffic patterns, principles of cross-country navigation and also develop the skills to fly at night and in the mountains.

The basic FAA requirements that need to be met to qualify are:

  • Be at least 17 years old at the time of the check ride
  • Be fluent in English (read, write, speak and understand it)
  • Hold an FAA Class III Medical Certificate
  • Have TSA authorization for flight training (a federal security clearance)
  • Have completed a minimum of 40 hours of flight time
  • Have completed a minimum of 10 hours of solo flight time
  • Have completed a minimum of 30 hours of dual instruction
  • Pass an FAA written exam
  • Pass a practical test and check ride with an FAA examiner

Utah Helicopter Flight Academy private pilot training includes:

  • 30 hours dual flight instruction in Robinson R22
  • 10 hours solo flight instruction in Robinson R22
  • 30 hours of ground school
  • Your check ride

Estimated total cost: $15,250*

*This pricing is effective as of March 2018. The costs for your medical exam, books and written test are not included in these numbers. Our pricing is based on minimum times necessary to complete your training and may be higher depending on the number of instruction hours you actually need and the cost of fuel. The national average to complete a Private Pilot Course is 60-70 flight hours. Any additional hours that you may log in to acquire your Private Pilot Certificate will count towards the total hours you will need to finish your other certifications.